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By Larry Bush

work order management

A Maintenance Work Order System can be implemented in an organization not using a current work order system. The new system can be implemented in a series of steps in order to allow time for the changes to take effect.

The first step must be a decision by upper management to select a work order system and implement the system. With complete backing by upper management, the system introduction and implementation will be a success.

A comprehensive work order system will be composed of the following items:
* Paperwork - managing even a small maintenance effort will require the storage and retrieval of large amounts of data; a computerized maintenance management system is the most efficient method of handling this data and information, however, a maintenance work order system can be implemented and managed without a CMMS
* Shift Work Log - work time entries will cover entire shift; breakdown/emergency jobs will be logged on the Shift Work Log; a carryover or major job will require that a work order be written, approved and issued for the job
* Inspection Rounds Sheets - various crafts will have machinery and equipment inspection rounds and rounds sheets with logs to fill out during the rounds; each rounds person will complete minor tasks, larger jobs will require that a work order be written, approved and issued
* Maintenance Work Request Forms - each Department will have assigned personnel to issue work requests to maintenance personnel and assigned personnel to authorize Maintenance Work Order expenditures and overtime, if required
* Maintenance Work Order Forms - a standard work order form will be developed and authorized for use, each work order will be authorized, planned, budgeted, logged, tracked, completed, analyzed and filed
* Machinery History Database - work will commence on identifying each piece of equipment, machinery, system, building, and building components in the physical plant; data will include all comprehensive information on the item; each item entry will be assigned an individual, tracking, identification number based on the government stock numbering system; all new work on items with an ID number will be entered into the database; new installations will be entered into the database
* Preventive and Predictive Maintenance Program - a preventive maintenance program encompassing the entire physical plant will be gradually developed and implemented; the program will begin with maintenance rounds of critical equipment, machinery, and areas; preventive maintenance work sheets detailing the work to be carried out will be developed for each piece of equipment, machinery, and system that is placed onto the list requiring preventive maintenance; those items not placed on the list will be maintained on a breakdown basis; the preventive maintenance sheets will be scheduled throughout the year on a staggered basis to spread the workload more or less evenly
* Maintenance Planning - each work order will be planned; minor work will be planned by the assigned craftsman with supervisory assistance as required; major work will be planned by the assigned planner and/or engineer (in smaller units, the Maintenance Supervisor will handle the planning); all maintenance work will be budgeted and actual costs tracked and accounted for
* Spare Parts & Consumables - a spare parts and material system will be developed, approved, and implemented; parts and material will be stored, ordered, tracked, maintained, and issued from a secure, central stores room; a stores database system containing spares for the physical plant will be developed and maintained by the stores personnel

Implementation of the new system will require a project manager. The person selected for the project should be knowledgeable in maintenance management and be given the necessary authority and approvals to carry out the assigned task.

Larry Bush

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About the Author: Larry Bush has been an electrician for 47 years, and in maintenance management for 22 years. Download his new e-Book "Maintenance Policy and Procedures Manual" !!

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