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New Maintenance Policies and Procedures Manual 2nd Edition

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Maintenance Book and Maintenance Templates Contents:

I.    Purpose

II.   Maintenance Department Policy

III.  Maintenance Financial Policy

IV.  Maintenance Department Operating Instructions       

V.   Departmental Organization and Administration
Job Descriptions 

VI.   Maintenance Department Procedures

A. Research

B. Development and Implementation              

C. Work Control Procedures

**Sample Preventive Maintenance Sheets

D. Maintenance Spares and Purchasing

E. Environmental Issues and Compliance

F. Safety Program

G. Blood borne Pathogens Program

H. LockOut/Tag Out

I. Emergency Response Plan

J. Maintenance Department Audit

VII.   Procedures

VII.   Amendments or Termination of Policy

Sample Request for Quote
Sample Owner/Contractor Agreement

Sample Diesel-Electric Generator Set

Purchasing Specifications

Sample Ergonomics Program

Sample Preventive Maintenance Sheets

Sample Preventive Maintenance Work Orders

** Plus a 22 page Maintenance Audit, and over 150 files, Microsoft Excel maintenance templates, articles and Microsoft Word maintenance templates!

Maintenance Policies and Procedures Manual 2nd Edition

By Larry Bush

Maintenance Policy and Procedures plus Maintenance Templates

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Maintenance Policies and Procedures Manual Ebook - 2nd Edition + Templates
ESBN: E43-851B-1b34-10Q5
Description:  415 pages

The Maintenance Policies and Procedures Manual 2nd Edition ("How to Start Up and Run Your Maintenance Department"), is larger than the first edition manual as far as the policies and maintenance procedures go, it is an improved and more advanced version. Still designed and produced for the small to medium business with limited or no maintenance policies in effect. All of these files and programs are as generic as possible. You may alter them for your own use as long as you do not commercialize them.

Maintenance Policies and Procedures Manual 2nd Edition answers the "How-To" and provides editable maintenance templates:

  • How to set up and run your maintenance department in today's fast-paced and highly competitive business environment.
  • How to implement the four objectives every maintenance department must aim for.
  • How to manage the 13 functions of a maintenance department.
  • How to start and run a complete maintenance work order and call order system.
  • How to make your Preventive and Predictive Maintenance Plans work.
  • Maintenance Deparment Audit Also included are over 150 files: Work Order Templates, PM Template, Kaizen Examples, etc.! (Including the 22 page Maintenance Audit !)

This Manual is divided into two parts, the manual and the manual appendix. The appendix contains expanded maintenance procedures, safety programs and maintenance job descriptions to give you the best maintenance strategies.

Additionally, the author has created over 150 Microsoft Excel spreadsheets,  Microsoft Word documents and PDFs to better help  serve your maintenance department. With these maintenance templates and examples you can easily create an effective maintenance unit or retool an existing maintenance department, without the high cost of other management programs and training materials.

The additional folders with files included with this manual are :

  • Kaizen Examples: 30 articles

  • PM Templates: 31 Preventative Maintenance templates. Plus Blanks to create your own.

  • Work Order Templates: Several samples of PM Work Orders. Plus Blanks

  • Excel Files and Maintenance Templates: Contains three Excel file folders:

    • -Eagle Cycle Stop: sample sheets illustrating excel file usage to list troubleshooting aids. Your sample sheets could be laminated and then posted in the machines.

    • -Parts: sample forms illustrating Excel file usage to identify and list spare parts for specific production line areas.

    • -Motors: sample forms including Work Order, Motor Worksheet, Daily Work Record, and VFD Settings Form.

This maintenance book and all the extra files would be sold by others for over a thousand dollars, but we sell Maintenance Policies and Procedures Manual - 2nd Edition at a great discount. 

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The Maintenance Policies and Procedures Manual 2nd Edition was designed and produced for maintenance management programs with limited maintenance policies currently in effect. These policies and procedures examples and maintenance templates will help the maintenance manager, plant manager or plant engineering who desire to write maintenance policy. 

This book was originally classified for manufacturing books category, then generalized to be used with all industries. With 240 pages of additional material plus 150 additional files and templates providing the ultimate management information resource.